Here at Atelier Bricolage we hate to see anything go to waste. We source vintage and recycled wallpaper and fabrics and give them a new lease of life. Every piece has its own history, and after we’ve upcycled, recycled and and worked our designer magic, it has a future too.

Vintage wallpapers and parcel paper can be used to make fabulous backgrounds for original, limited-edition screen prints. Old curtains that have lost their partners can be made into bespoke upholstery or fashioned into dresses using vintage sewing patterns. Decoupage maps can transform a lacklustre chest of drawers and unloved clothing can be cut, stitched and sewn into delightful children’s clothes, quirky cushions, stylish bags and sumptuous purses.

And – of course – we make great soup from leftovers!

We produce lovely new things all the time. Keep an eye on our blog for new projects as they emerge: